About LARK

Lark is a team of 6 graduate in Engineering and Commerce from  McMaster University. Lark is committed to solving engineering problems that exist in the field of drum accessories, making drum tuning easier, faster, and more automated. GoodForTune, the first prototype of Lark, aims to turn the complex drum tuning process into a simple one-button operation, reducing the length of the tuning time to just one minute. . .

This prototype has won the second prize at the 2019 McMaster Comp Engineer Expo. In 2019 summer, Lark takes one step future, wanted to make this prototype more optimized and robust, as so that more drummers could enjoy the speed and convenience of the product in the future.


Automatic Drum Tuner




​​GF is a first of kind digital tuner that directly tunes the drum to perfect pitch.

GF adjusts the drum to the target pictch with the one-button operation, eliminating the need for manual tuning.

While it often took a trained professional on average 5 mins to tune a drum, GF brings the process under 1 min.

Prototype No. 2 is under development

Coming Soon ...


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Hamilton, ON
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Tel: 1-905-902-3245

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